Worker’s Story

Peter Simkins, 32, Las Vegas

$7.30 per hour for food and drug retailer

Our pay as courtesy clerks has been kept at an unreasonably low rate for quite some time now. It’s time the minimum wage be raised in order for fellow courtesy clerks like me to afford an apartment of our own. $7.25 per hour… It’s cruel! I live with my dad, but I want to find and live in a place of my own. There’s no way we can live on a pathetic $7.30 an hour wage! Raising the minimum wage to $12 or more, I would have more money to buy the things I was not able to before the raise. It would allow me to not worry about the next paycheck, instead pursue my interests be a professional, traditional Anime-Artist; it would allow me to get started on having a one-person PC-builder and upgrade business! I could even pay the rent and the bills!