Testimony of Yannet Lathrop in Support of SB 171

NELP testifies in support of SB 171, which would repeal Public Act 105 of 2015— law that currently prohibits local governments from adopting ordinances setting their own local standards on minimum wage, scheduling, paid or unpaid leave, and other important labor protections.

Raises From Coast to Coast in 2023

64 Cities, Counties, and States Will Raise Minimum Wages on January 1st—Many Reaching or Exceeding $15—With 27 Additional Jurisdictions Lifting Pay Later in 2023

Ten-Year Legacy of the Fight for $15 and a Union Movement

Ten years ago, on November 29, 2012, a group of 200 fast-food workers in New York City—fed up with low pay and roadblocks to organizing—walked out of their jobs demanding a $15 hourly wage and a union. To commemorate the landmark 10-year anniversary of the Fight for $15, this report analyzes the movement’s impact beyond wages.