A Good Living: Amazon Can and Must Make a Middle-Income Livelihood Possible for the People Who Work in Its Warehouses

This report includes a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring that Amazon lives up to its promise of being a leader in worker compensation.[xiii] Given Amazon’s role as a large-scale employer throughout the U.S., particularly of Black and Latinx workers, achieving a better livelihood for Amazon workers is a crucial step towards advancing racial justice and building a good jobs economy for all in this country.

Ten-Year Legacy of the Fight for $15 and a Union Movement

Ten years ago, on November 29, 2012, a group of 200 fast-food workers in New York City—fed up with low pay and roadblocks to organizing—walked out of their jobs demanding a $15 hourly wage and a union. To commemorate the landmark 10-year anniversary of the Fight for $15, this report analyzes the movement’s impact beyond wages.

Raises From Coast to Coast in 2022

Workers’ Wages Will Increase in 56 Cities, Counties, and States on January 1—Many Reaching or Surpassing $15 an Hour—With Another 25 Jurisdictions Set to Raise Pay Later in the Year.

Raises From Coast to Coast in 2021

A record-breaking number of jurisdictions will raise their wage floors in the coming year: A total of 74 states, cities, and counties will raise their minimum wages in 2021, many to $15 per hour or more.

The Growing Movement for $15

As the movement for $15 continues to gain momentum, the potential benefits for the U.S. workforce and economy are significant.